Welcome to The Science of the Stars, a blog about astronomy and astrology in the early modern period. This website includes a blog and some pages related to the remarkable collection of astronomy and astrology books presently housed at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (UK). These pages provide a venue for exchange and interaction between historians of astronomy and astrology scattered around the globe. If you would like to stay informed, please click Follow this blog at the bottom of this page, or return to it regularly to check for new and old posts. The section News and Newsworthy will include updates on events as well as new books in the history of science related to the science of the stars. Enjoy!

A little note of caution: This is not a blog about modern astrology and contemporary astrological practice (or how contemporary astrological practice can be better informed by studying its historical antecedents). While we respect the profession as a whole and many of us have interacted very profitably with practising astrologers over the years, this is primarily a place and space of historical investigation (and as such it is not interested in modern applications).

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