Forthcoming 2014 Crawford Lecture in the History of Astronomy

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2014 Crawford Lecture in the History of Astronomy and Astrology this year will be delivered by Professor Jim Bennett, Former Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford. Its title is:

The Craft of Early Astronomy: Making Books, Globes and Instruments in the Sixteenth Century

Abstract: Astronomy is understandably considered the most theoretically advanced of the sciences in the Renaissance. To engage seriously with astronomy required an advanced ability in mathematics. Yet many leading astronomers were directly engaged with the production of books and instruments. In aspects of their work they were printers and makers. This lecture approaches sixteenth-century astronomy from the unusual perspective of craft practice. The Crawford Collection and other resources in libraries and museums demonstrate that early astronomy was crafted as well as reasoned.

It will take place on 30 April 2014, at 5:30 p.m. in the Teviot Lecture Theatre, Teviot Place, The University of Edinburgh. The lecture will be followed by a small reception. All welcome.

The lecture is free but ticketed. Information on the location and how to book your ticket can be found at:

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Monica Azzolini:

Free poster at: Crawford_Lecture_Bennett_A4_web

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